1. Fade

From the recording Lost and Forgotten

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I’m so tired of walking through this world like I am blind
Please, won’t you let me in?
Won’t You shed a little light for me
Can’t you see that I am struggling, barely holding on by a thread I know, I know, You deserve better.
I’m so tired of searching for the truth that I never find Please, won’t you let this end?
I try so hard, try so hard to let it go
But I still crave all the things that. I used to know You have to know how hard this is on me
After a while I start to fade.
And every time, I keep losing faith
Can’t you sympathize
As your wanting to leave me in the dark
But you have to know that my struggles are never ending Please won’t you remember, what it’s like to walk in my shoes I don’t have patience like you do, I don’t have patience
I would have thought You’d have come by now But I know that You’ve never let me down
After a while I start to fade.
And where I go, there’s nothing left