1. Rise

From the recording Lost and Forgotten

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You’d better run for cover You’d better hit your knees Pray that there’s a proven cure A cure for your disease
Carry them away, haul them out in the chains
Was it worth the price you paid?
Because in the end, no one will remember your name
I’m called to love all my enemies
So won’t you feel all these coals that I’m heaping Something happens when you’re bound in chains You become numb to the love, numb to the pain
Don’t look to me for sympathy
Cause stolen years have drained me of mercy You think you’ve got no blood on your hands But brother listen to me when I say
Can you feel the shaking
Can you feel the shaking? Can you feel the move?
As your control is breaking Our weakened faith improves You’d better pray for mercy You’re going to pay with pain Yeah
But no one will remember your name
Your control is breaking You better pray for mercy Yeah
Won’t you taste the pain Won’t you taste the pain Won’t you taste the pain