From the recording Lost and Forgotten

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Ten Days From Eden

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I’m left to wonder just how things would have been If only I had made a better choice
And now I stare across this great divide
It would seem, that the separation
Cut me deeper than I ever thought it would
Just hoping beyond hope that there’s a way That I can find my way home
That I can find my way home
Home is where you cast your cares away
Where you go to heal so you can fight another day And I need to be there again
Won’t you please let me be there again
I never knew, God I wish I knew
How much of me was really always You Is it too late, is it too late for me
To find a place inside Your loving arms?
I took for granted, all the times that you let things slide And now just look at me, I’m so far away
I guess I wanted, just to see how far I could go
They always said that the grass was much greener
I ran away from You, There’s not much left of me
I am a broken mess, can you ever forgive me?
I ran away from Your love, I ran away from the
Safety in your arms that sustains me, oh it sustains me